• Cloud-Based Fleet Management Solution


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    – Built-in 2 Channel Super HD Camera
    – 6 Elements All Glass Lens
    – 3 Channel Recording Support (Up to 6 with Splitter)
    – Wi-Fi Internet / Hotspot / Tethering Network
    – 3G/4G Telecommunication Network
    – Live* View Streaming w/ Service plan
    – Live* GPS Tracking w/ Service plan
    – Fleet Management Software
    – 1TB External HDD/SSD Memory support
    – Built w/ Samsung Components

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Real-Time Video Streaming & GPS Tracking!

Remotely connect your camera for live video & audio feed – GPS location refresh rate up to every .5 seconds, you have full control your settings.


All-in-1 Fleet Management Solution:
  • Mobile Network Drive Recorder
  • Works with FMS cloud
  • Supports 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Tethering
  • Supports an additional 3rd channel
  • Anti-Tamper design
  • Revolutionary tracking and fleet management
  • Telemetry is accompanied by video and other imagery
  • Real-time track and trace, real-time video streaming
  • Easily installed, low maintenance and reliable
  • Optimized for large-scale deployment

All Weather External Camera

  • IP67 Rated for the harshest weather environment
  • Great for blind spots & reverse camera.
  • Stainless Steel Bracket & Aluminum Housing Construction
  • 30ft Extension Cable for Commercial Vehicles

KMC 4 HD Video Channel Splitter

  • Expand up to 6 total HD Video Channel total for the PHLS AC-300 Dash Cam
  • Great for blind spots & reverse camera.
  • Tamper-proof design
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Small Profile Solution for installation

Clients / Partners:

Fleet Management System

Our products connect and sync with our proprietary cloud based Fleet Management System, continually uploading collected data and imagery for storage and for presentation in real-time. Engineered to deliver accurate, relevant information effectively and reliably.

Commercial Grade

The Autocam AC-300 fleet management solution is the commercial grade hardware component of our premium fleet management, tracking and fleet video solution. Thoughtfully engineered to overcome stubborn challenges in the fleet management space and to excel when operating in even the harshest environments.

Free Support

Our priority is to better help support you with our extensive online database of documents, tutorials, & videos. Of course feel free to reach out to our representative by phone or email.

Camera Updates

Our online cloud includes tools for remote configuration and updates. Device settings and firmware can be updated at the click of a button over the air. Remote troubleshooting tools further reduce the likelihood of the need for physical attendance should a problem be encountered.

Our commercial grade dashcams syncs with our cloud-based fleet management system to further enhance your fleets’ performance.

A state of the art experience!

We use the latest video and internet technology to assist distributors, service-providers, re-sellers, fleet owners and operators with monitoring their commercial fleets. Autocam USA is an innovative cloud-based fleet management solution designed for increased value and efficiency in the fleet management space.

FMS - Cloud Software
Tools & Software
Support Database
Firmware Updates
Driver Scoring

Dont take our word for it…

What other say about us!

The system have gave us great control over our drivers. Accident rates have decreased significantly, customer satisfaction & feedback have dramatically improved and being able to have video evidence when we need it on the fly is invaluable for our company to fight against costly claims.

Thank you Planet Halo – Autocam!!

Martha M. MastersMarketingGoogle Ride Services

We are beyond thrilled to have Planet Halo’s PHLS Autocam in our vehicles! Being able to track your vehicle real time, live stream, having access to videos anytime have been tremendous help! Our fleet managers have raved how well the system have track and logged all drive history and later viewing; this made their job that much easier. We recommend this unit to everyone!

Anna VandanaFleet ManagerFacebook Transport Systems